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The AG Corps is Growing!

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Authored by CW5 Chad Bowen and CW4 Matt Collins, Adjutant General School, Fort Jackson, SC

What an exciting time to be in the Adjutant General Corps, where Army continuous transformation efforts are driving change. The latest initiative for the AG Corps will expand our HR roles in direct support of U.S. Army Recruiting Command.  Currently Operational Planning Teams are conducting analysis to add a newly developed 420T “Talent Acquisition Technician” and 42T “Talent Acquisition Specialist” specialties to CMF 42.

Following multiple studies of our recruiting processes, the Army launched the Army Recruiting Enterprise Transformation Implementation (A-RETI) plan and approved the following problem statement. “The Army’s permanent recruitment structure lacks adequately trained career talent acquisition specialists capable of competing independently in the information-age workplace market in the execution of an Army recruitment strategy, employment of 21st century recruiting techniques, and completing all onboarding activities prior to initial military training.”  To solve this problem, Army Senior Leaders determined it was time to transition from a borrowed and generalist recruiting workforce to a permanent and specialized talent acquisition workforce. This plan adds permanent structure, with adequately trained career talent acquisition specialists (420T/42T), to our recruiting workforce.

While the current 79R NCOs perform duties as recruiting experts, most of the recruiting force is comprised of thousands of Soldiers serving 36-month developmental tours as Department of the Army Select Recruiters or DASRs.  The new strategy envisions a smaller cohort of permanent recruiters eventually replacing both the 79R and DASR recruiters.  Phased in over the next few years, these Talent Acquisition Soldiers will receive training that supports the challenges of acquiring the Army’s talent needs in the emerging recruit population.  This is a fast-moving project with high visibility from senior leaders and Congress.

The initial priority is to develop a cohort of Warrant Officers to serve at Recruiting Battalions and Brigades.  These 420Ts are not recruiters, although they will need to understand recruiting missions and requirements. The 420Ts will be trained to focus on developing strategy, workforce planning, marketing, data analytics, and talent analytics.  These skill sets will help support the recruiters in the field. The first cohorts will train at both Fort Jackson and Fort Knox with the eventual transition to WOBC taught fully at the AG School.

MILPER 23-523 announced the initial application and procedures on 29 December 2023 to apply for the new specialty 420T “Talent Acquisition Technician” and MILPER 24-049 announced the first candidates that will be assessed and considered at Fort Knox, KY between 11-15 March 2024. Only a select few from this group will be selected for a branch transfer as this will be a first for this process to select warrant officers into the AG Corps. There are still opportunities in Cohort 3 for those interested in applying for 420T, please refer to MILPER 23-523 and detailed instructions for applying can be found at

Following the launch of 420T selection and training, we will begin the process of identifying and selecting NCOs from both the current 79R and larger Army to serve as the first 42T specialists.  These newly trained NCOs will serve in “experimental recruiting companies” as they utilize their training and skills to develop enhanced recruiting techniques that hopefully meet the challenges of recruiting today.

The AG Corps is proud to demonstrate our agility and serve as the proponent for the future talent acquisition effort.

Bob Ortiz

Bob Ortiz

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