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People are the Army's Greatest Asset

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By 1LT Katie Kitzmiller

People are the Army’s greatest asset, and Army Human Resources (HR) professionals ensure Commanders have the personnel they need to complete the mission. The AG Corps and Army HR Community work tirelessly behind the scenes to guarantee Soldiers have peace of mind with their finances, families, promotions, and awards. One phone call, email, or trouble ticket submitted by an HR professional can immediately resolve an issue that once hindered a Soldier’s ability to focus and feel secure in life. At times, these resolutions are instantaneous, and witnessing the direct impact one can have on another service member is a unique quality of the Army HR profession.

While feeling satisfaction from helping others is a daily reward for an HR Soldier, there are secondary impacts to our efforts. A Soldier who feels safe and supported by the Army becomes a Soldier for Life. They serve as ambassadors to the Army by sharing first-hand experiences on the benefits of military service. They tell their family and friends that the Army is the best place to work, and we retain that Soldier while also recruiting more people who want to serve with us.

As one of two HR Lieutenants in my unit of one Battalion and one Headquarters and Headquarters Company, I have the unique position of being both the Brigade Strength Manager and the Adjutant to the Brigade Commander. These two roles expose me to hundreds of scenarios that explain why human resources personnel play a key role in the Army’s “People First” mission.

Last year, I used my unique position as an HR professional and Adjutant to put a Soldier first. My Brigade Commander always seeks opportunities to recognize Soldiers in our unit who do the hard work behind the scenes. For me, this Soldier was the first person to come to mind.

Over the last few years, she worked tirelessly for our unit at our Battalion and Brigade echelons, consistently putting Soldiers’ needs first. She resolved hundreds of Soldier issues. We surprised her with an award for her promotion and honored her contributions to our formation. Recently, she re-enlisted indefinitely, and I firmly believe that we contributed to her decision to stay in the Army because we recognized her at a critical point in her career.

Through my first two years in the Army, I've learned the importance of the Army HR Officer, and it drives my desire to become the best at my craft. As I work, I consider the impact of my recommendations to my bosses and strive to inject care and empathy for others into what I do.

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Bob Ortiz

Bob Ortiz

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